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A Consortium Of Major Construction Associations Get Together To Launch A New Survey


Construction industry is up for a new survey to deal with ‘occupational health’ hazards.

Dailycsr.com – 15 March 2016 – The Electrical Contractors’ Association along with Constructing Better Health and the “Building Engineering Services Association” took major steps to implement “occupational health” surveys in the “building services engineering sector”.
The survey is going to sweep across the sector, whereby alliances are trying to gather “essential baseline data” which in turn will reveal “practical occupational health information” as contractors’ support.
The said survey has been put in motion after the “Occupational Health Summit” held by the construction industry and was attended by many directors as well as chief executive officers of “construction firms and trade bodies” besides building services engineering sector’s senior representatives.
In the words of ECA’s Business Services Director, Paul Reeve:
“There are numerous examples of effective occupational health provision in our sector and, managed properly, it delivers business benefits and the career health of tens of thousands of engineering employees. But while there have been major sector-wide improvements in workplace safety, many contractors still struggle with occupational health.
“Our survey – which is aimed primarily at employers – aims to find out much more about the current situation, to give us an informed baseline for helping contractors to engage with both physical, and mental, health issues.”
While the Technical Director of BESA, Tim Rook stated:
“The contracting and construction environment is one of the most demanding sectors to work in, and the health of those working in our sector should be considered vital to success. By using the results of this survey we will be able to target and promote best practice, to help both on-site operatives and managers.
“I would encourage everyone to take part as fully and honestly as they can to make this initiative really valuable to the sector, the wider industry, and their own businesses”.
However, the Constructing Better Health’s chairman, Bob Blackman adds:
“Our collaborative survey will help us to further demystify the cloudy perceptions about occupational health and target those areas where our members and industry colleagues aren’t making the most of the resources at hand.
“The most important message to share with employees is that occupational health management exists to ensure that your job doesn’t affect your health negatively. Ill-health impacts physical and economic well-being, so therefore, utilise all the occupational health services available to you. There’s help at hand.”
Moreover, Reeve’s concluding words go like this:
“We urge all building services engineering companies to complete this short, confidential questionnaire, so we have the best possible information to help the sector move forward with cost effective occupational health management.”