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A Battle Against Breast Cancer Colours Whirlpool Pink


Whirlpool welcomes pink in the month of October.

Dailycsr.com – 24 October 2016 – Whirlpool engages with the campaign of “Real Men Wear Pink”. R.J. Corning along with Anthony Cobb has made their workplace uniform to be pink over “past few weeks”, whereby making the pink quite ‘noticeable’.
Corning and Cobb are both employees at Whirlpool Corp., who are among the thirteen “West Michigan participants” of the
The said campaign is a support in the battle against breast cancer, wherein the co-workers, Corning and Cobb, who joined the initiative in the month of October, “encouraged” the women in their lives for taking action in this battle.
It is to show their support and commitment that they continue to wear “pink clothing and accessories” during every single day of the month of October. Besides, wearing pink which symbolises their commitments, both are attempting to raise a “minimum of $2,500 each”.