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42BELOW Cocktail Earth Competition Is Environment Conscious


Sustainable practices, reduced wastage, and innovation join hands at 42BELOW.

Dailycsr.com – 25 August 2016 – The 42BELOW® Cocktail Earth Cup has celebrated its “green final”. The final event took place in Queenstown, New Zealand, being the first cocktail competition that focuses on “Trans-Tasman sustainability”.
The competitors had to submit a cocktail created by them which championed “environmentally sustainable practices”, whereby vodka of 42BELOW was the base. Among the entries some used “pear cores that would otherwise be thrown away”, while others used “rain water”. Another cocktail under the name of “Let’s Get Tropical” claimed zero wastage.
In the final, five “Australian bar teams” competed with five Kiwi rivals. Before the competition, the Brand Ambassador of 42BELOW, Sean Forsyth, explained:
“The ten teams will be put through their paces learning waste eliminating in bars, sustainable cocktail practices, and also getting amongst what beautiful Queenstown has to offer. From bungee jumping to a ‘carbon footsprint,’ we will ensure the contestants will have an unforgettable experience in our spiritual brand home.”
The winner has the chance of judging the “next year’s competition” besides “Vodka Professor Legend and Director of Global Trade Advocacy for Bacardi Jacob Briars”, while this year’s panel members consisted of “Steve Schneider, 2012 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup winner, and Bonnie Shearston, owner of Public in Brisbane” besides Jacob. Jacob continued:
“We’re delighted to have Steve and Bonnie judging this year’s competition. It’s so important we have such a highly regarded bartender and bar owner on the panel as we plan to make this the first step in 42BELOW shining a bit of a spotlight on some simple sustainable practices we can do behind the bar; which requires support from both bartender and bar owner. We know there are a good few people in our industry out there doing some great work already, and we’re simply providing a platform to share learnings and ideas amongst a great young generation of bartending talent.”
Moreover, Bacardi Limited informs:
“42BELOW has offset all CO2 emissions from the Cocktail Earth Cup thanks to the Ekos Rainforest Carbon Boutique. These offsets come from New Zealand’s first and so far only internationally certified rainforest carbon project, located on Maori land in Western Southland”.