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21st Century Fox Donates ‘$100,000’ In Support Of Louisiana’s Flood Relief Work


21st CF comes forward to heal the wounds caused by the “unprecedented” raining catastrophe.

21st Century Fox Donates ‘$100,000’ In Support Of Louisiana’s Flood Relief Work
Dailycsr.com – 24 August 2016 – For television and film industry, wherein 21st Century Fox forms a well known part, Louisiana marks to be “an important production hub”. Likewise, the company of 21st Century Fox urgently responded to the casualties and damages occurred in Louisiana during the course of last week’s “unprecedented rains”.
On 22nd of August 2016, 21st Century Fox donated “$100,000” to support the “disaster relief efforts” in the affected communities wherein the company’s production teams have “lived and worked”. Moreover, the company reported:
“The donation will be directed to the Louisiana Association of United Ways’ (LAUW) Flood Fund, which has been set up to distribute flood relief donations to six local United Way member organizations operating across the region. The LAUW determines which local chapters have the greatest need and is particularly focused on the post-emergency recovery work to come”.
Ryan Murphy, who shot two of his shows, “American Horror Story” and “Scream Queens”, stated:
“After shooting two series in New Orleans, I feel particularly connected to the state of Louisiana and the wonderful and talented people I’ve met there. We want everyone affected by these devastating floods to know that we see you and that help is on the way.”
The floods claimed minimum thirteen lives, while damaging almost sixty thousand homes. According to the state reports around “102,000 survivors” are registered for federal help and the American Red Cross’ estimation show that the helping amount will be worth “$30 million or more”. LAUW’s President and the Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Berthelot, stated:
“More than 100,000 families throughout south Louisiana are working through the shock of the unnamed storm that flooded our state, while they clean up and come to terms with their devastating losses. Louisiana United Ways are coordinating efforts to help meet the unmet needs of families and their communities, now and in the future. The Louisiana Association of United Ways is grateful for the generosity and partnership of 21st Century Fox during our tremendous time of need in Louisiana.”