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2025 Goals: Power Efficiency, Global Impact, and STEM Education Initiatives


We are a pioneering company dedicated to tackling core technological challenges that impact everyday life. Through our innovations, we've played a crucial role in driving the widespread adoption of smartphones, connecting billions of individuals worldwide to both each other and the internet. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), connectivity, and more ensures that we not only shape the present connected world but also lay the groundwork for its future evolution.
As a global leader in developing and commercializing fundamental technologies for the wireless industry, our impact spans various sectors, from mobile handsets to automotive to the Internet of Things (IoT) and beyond. We actively share our inventions through a comprehensive licensing program, granting broad access to cutting-edge technologies driving innovation. Additionally, we offer our wireless integrated circuit platforms and other products to further facilitate technological advancement.
Central to our ethos is conducting fair and transparent license negotiations, ensuring equitable value for our patented technologies. We believe this fosters efficiency within the ecosystem and acknowledges the value and innovation derived from our research, developments, and contributions. Collaboration across the industry spectrum—encompassing manufacturers, operators, developers, and more—is integral to nurturing a global environment conducive to progress and growth.
Furthermore, we champion the development of regionally relevant applications leveraging advanced 4G and 5G connectivity, AI, and IoT. Through initiatives like deep-technology incubators and mentorship programs, we support early-stage startups across emerging regions such as India, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Africa, catalyzing innovation on a local scale.
Investment in research and development (R&D) lies at the core of our operations, fueling a legacy of innovation that drives the continual evolution of the wireless industry. By bringing advanced wireless technology to underserved communities, we enable new business models and unlock societal benefits for the betterment of all.
Our technology development framework, guided by the Technical Business Review (TBR) process under the oversight of our Chief Technology Officer, ensures alignment between long-term technology goals and product roadmaps. This process informs industry-leading technology roadmaps spanning processing, connectivity, AI, security, and other essential components across various product categories and industries, shaping our overarching technology trajectory.

Goals for 2025
  • Achieve a yearly reduction of 10 percent in power consumption for our flagship Snapdragon Mobile Platform products.
  • Impact the lives of 27 million individuals by extending technological access to underserved communities worldwide through Wireless Reach, benchmarked against the year 2006.
  • Sustain the cultivation of future innovators by engaging 1.5 million students and teachers globally through our STEM initiatives, building upon the foundation set in 2020.