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2024 Global Inclusive Growth Summit: Advancing Solutions with Leading Voices


Presented by the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, the Global Inclusive Growth Summit reemerges on April 18, 2024, boasting esteemed speakers such as Gina Raimondo, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce; Amina J. Mohammed, the deputy secretary-general of the United Nations; Megan Rapinoe, celebrated soccer champion, activist, and co-founder of A Touch More; Cristina Junqueira, co-founder and CEO of Nubank; Jon Huntsman Jr., the incoming vice chairman and president of Strategic Growth at Mastercard, alongside other notable figures.

This summit, a beacon for collaboration and open dialogue, aims to tackle contemporary challenges through the collective efforts of entrepreneurs, innovators, policymakers, and emerging leaders. Since its inception in 2019, the summit has been a catalyst for discussions on financial inclusion, leveraging data science for social good, exploring emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, addressing climate concerns, advocating for women’s economic empowerment, and fostering place-based development.

Building on a decade of impactful dialogue and action, we eagerly anticipate continuing our mission of fostering inclusive growth for all. Virtual registration is now available, marking the beginning of our journey toward the 2024 summit, where we anticipate both in-person and virtual participation. As we eagerly await this event, we invite you to reflect on the highlights of the 2023 summit, a collaborative effort between Mastercard and the Aspen Institute.

To learn more, visit: globalinclusivegrowthsummit.com