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2023 Success and 2024 Innovations: HARMAN's Digital Transformation Solutions Reshaping Supply Chains, Quantum Computing, and Analytics


As a leading force in global connected technologies, HARMAN consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation to bring forth products that enhance life, increase productivity, and provide entertainment. Throughout 2023, our teams maintained this momentum, delivering state-of-the-art technologies that facilitate seamless, connected lifestyles across homes, cars, stages, and enterprises. As we conclude the year, we reflect on the significant milestones and accomplishments achieved by our global teams over the past twelve months.
Spanning from cutting-edge audio products and infotainment systems to software and connected services, HARMAN's relentless pursuit of innovation continues to showcase its impact, drawing attention from customers, partners, consumers, and the media. Let's take a moment to revisit some of the notable media highlights that defined our year:
Advancements in the In-Vehicle Experience:
  • TechCrunch highlighted HARMAN's driver-monitoring system, Ready Care, during HARMAN EXPLORE 2023. This product boasts enhanced features that detect driver focus, initiating in-cabin responses to mitigate risky driving situations. 
  • Mashable featured HARMAN at CES 2023, emphasizing how Ready Care and Ready Vision could revolutionize driving safety by assisting drivers in maintaining focus and understanding their surroundings. 
  • Barron’s delved into the future of automobiles, with Christian Sobottka, President of HARMAN Automotive, providing insight into our belief that software enhancements, coupled with high-powered chips, offer novel ways for auto manufacturers to provide unique experiences beyond the electric powertrain. 
  • Autoweek explored the concept of paying for over-the-air infotainment upgrades and showcased HARMAN Ready on Demand, allowing consumers to download premium audio features whenever financially feasible, avoiding the need to make upfront purchases.
Just Auto highlighted HARMAN's exclusive partnership with Ferrari for in-cabin experiences. With HARMAN Ready Upgrade, we drive digital cockpit development, introducing fully upgradeable consumer electronics-level experiences to Ferrari’s vehicle lines.
Leveraging Sonic Power for Enhanced Consumer Experiences
  • Digital Trends reported on HARMAN's acquisition of Roon, a platform renowned for audiophile-quality music playback. This strategic move complements HARMAN's extensive audio offerings and underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional sound and connectivity to music enthusiasts. 
  • Forbes covered the debut of the JBL Spinner BT at HARMAN EXPLORE 2023—a Bluetooth-enabled turntable with a vibrant, retro design. This innovative product allows listeners to enjoy their records wirelessly without compromising audio quality. 
  • Billboard showcased HARMAN's celebration at JBL Fest, where we introduced the Authentics line of premium home WiFi speakers. This series boasts a groundbreaking integration of Google and Amazon assistants, and the event featured a performance by Bruno Mars. 
  • The Verge highlighted JBL's new true wireless earbuds, the Soundgear Sense, which feature an open design, prioritizing awareness of the surrounding environment while delivering an immersive sound experience. 
  • Tom’s Guide reported on HARMAN Kardon's 70th-anniversary Bluetooth speaker lineup, including the Aura Studio 4, Go + Play 3 portable speaker, and Luna. These releases exemplify our unwavering commitment to exquisite sound and design, showcasing the enduring strength of the Harman Kardon audio brand.
Providing Pristine, Uncompromised Audio through Cutting-Edge, High-Performance Sound Systems 
  • Sound & Vision reported on the North American debut of the JBL Classic series at the Audio Advice Live 2023 show. Additionally, Samsung showcased a 146-inch micro LED display featuring a JBL Synthesis sound system, making it one of the largest TVs at the event. 
  • Digital Music News highlighted Harman Professional Solutions' completion of the acquisition of FLUX Software Engineering in response to the increasing demand for immersive audio. This acquisition positions Harman to drive innovation across live production, installation sound, content creation, and post-production. 
  • Rolling Stone Australia featured JBL as the top global audio brand by units sold, emphasizing its contribution to the creation of outstanding new music through the use of high-quality audio equipment for both listening and recording experiences. 
  • Forbes showcased HARMAN Embedded Audio's contribution to premium sound in home entertainment with the Lovesac Sactionals StealthTech Sound + Charge sectional. This system offers seamless and immersive sound without the need for visible wires and speakers, incorporating hidden Harman Kardon speakers within the couch. 
  • Forbes reported on the classic British hi-fi brand ARCAM, owned by Harman, undergoing a complete rebranding. The article unveiled ARCAM’s new Radia Series, which represents a fresh family of luxury audio products and includes the first five products in this new range.
Advancing Technological Solutions to Revolutionize Everyday Experiences
  • Forbes featured insights from Nicholas Parrotta, President of Digital Transformation Solutions and Chief Digital and Information Officer at HARMAN, on leveraging advanced technology platforms, internal training, and strategic partnerships to enhance and focus on supply chain resilience. 
  • Vending Market Watch highlighted HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions' creation of a voice-activated vending machine integrating conversational AI and digital kiosk technology. This innovation offers conversational intelligence and advanced payment options to convenience services operators. 
  • PC-Tablet reported on HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions collaborating with BITS Pilani to propel quantum computing solutions forward. This strategic partnership aims to bridge the gap between theoretical advancements in quantum computing and their practical applications. 
  • SiliconANGLE detailed the partnership between HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions and QlikTech, combining forces to deliver next-level analytics and data mesh capabilities. This collaboration enables customers to streamline, modernize, and simplify operations through advanced data and analytics solutions. 
As we reflect on our achievements in 2023, we express gratitude to our dedicated teams whose commitment contributes to our success. Looking ahead to 2024, HARMAN is poised to showcase our latest products and innovations at HARMAN EXPLORE and CES in Las Vegas. These events will unveil our newest collaborations with Samsung, our longstanding partners, and industry leaders, providing a glimpse into the impactful customer experiences we aim to create.