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‘2020 Was A Monumental Year For Land Betterment’


Transforming mining sites into sustainable community spaces for the future.

Dailycsr.com – 31 December 2020 – The “Land Betterment Corporation” provides “environmental solutions” and fosters “positive impact” by upcycling “former coal mining sites”, whereby sustainably developing community besides creating job opportunities. In a press release, the corporation announced about its “milestone achievements during 2020”.
In the words of Land Betterment’s president, Kirk Taylor:
“during a year of uncertainty and challenge, our team forged a path of resilience and progress.  Instead of asking ‘why us’, we asked ‘why not us’.  From sponsoring the upcoming season of the Middle Tech podcast, to remediating several former coal mines, to employing over 40 individuals we have collectively had a great year of progress.”
Some of the significant milestones achieved in 2020 include: the “eko Pike” site which was remediated, reclaimed and readied for “future eko Pike village”; the “Coal Craft Spirits” site where “significant progress” was made to complete “site remediation and readiness” for “future Coal Craft Spirits distillery”, whereby tributing the “rich history” of the region and collaborating with new and “diverse industries” in a “former thermal coal mining” location; and the “Entrepreneur Zone” wherein Land Betterment secured “a key office building in Hazard, Kentucky” for creating a “hub for entrepreneurs and small, growing businesses”.
In the words of the executive chairman of Land Betterment, Mark Jensen:
“I can’t express enough gratitude to our stakeholders. The guidance which our board members provide is phenomenal and I want to personally thank each of our dozens of individual investors who see the same vision which we do.  We will work tirelessly to achieve the goals we have all set forth”
According to the press release of Land Betterment:
“While 2020 was a monumental year for Land Betterment, the company is excited about what the coming 2021-year will bring.  Land Betterment will continue its expansion of its reclamation and environmental remediation business, while starting on the next phases of its eko Villages, Coal Craft Spirits, Betterment Recycling, Pollinate, and Betterment Harvests (including its vertical farming division, Vertical)”.