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‘2016 Platinum PR Awards’ Goes To MWWPR & Subaru Of America


Revealing the shocking failure of pet safety during travels was the winning stroke for Subaru of America and MWWPR.

Dailycsr.com – 22 November 2016 – The Pet Safety Campaign of 2015 have earned Subaru of America as well MWWPR the two PRNews honours of “2016 Platinum PR Awards”. Both the awards were of winners under “Media Relations and PSA categories”, which testifies that the campaign was a success to raise “awareness for pet lovers everywhere”.
Moreover, it stressed on the need for the pets’ protection especially during travels. The recognition awards for the campaign was given out in a ceremony that was held in New York on the 19th of October 2016. Subaru of America’s corporate communications’ director, Michael McHale, stated:
“Truly great campaigns have a way of bringing untold, yet important stories to life. Through the great work done by our team and MWWPR, the pet safety initiative was able to not only generate amazing awareness of a little known issue, but also affect positive change and bring accountability to the unregulated pet products industry.”
The consumer data collected at Subaru showed that over sixty nine percent of Subaru’s customers were pet owners, while over fifty percent travelled with “their four legged friends”. Subaru’s brand have been associated long with the “passion and love for pets”, which resulted the company to form a partnership with the “Center for Pet Safety”, in short CSP.
CSP is a “non-profit research” organisation that also provides “consumer advocacy” for conducting the “2015 Crate and Carrier Crashworthiness Studies”, whereby examining the “effectiveness and safety of pet crates and carriers” in a crash takes place. In the process, some of the “top performers” were noted while “many more failed testing in shocking fashion”. As a result, it exposed the risk injury or death of the pet as well as the driver.