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‘100,000 Opportunities initiative’ To Provide Job To Nationwide Youths


American leading business figures and important personalities come together to inaugurate the nationwide attempt to provide job vacancies to the 100,000 country’s youths.

‘100,000 Opportunities initiative’ To Provide Job To Nationwide Youths
Dailycsr.com – 14 August 2015 – The “100,000 Opportunities Initiative”, held at Chicago, has been “an unprecedented” opportunity for the American youths. The said attempt strives to provide job for “100,000 young Americans” between the age of sixteen to twenty four “who are out of school and work”. On the 13th August 2015, nationwide employers came together and launched the “Opportunity Fair & Forum” which will pave the way for four thousand candidates in attendance. The said programme is a collaborative effort of many organisations and renowned personalities like:
“Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle, the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, more than 40 community-based organizations, and nearly a dozen philanthropic foundations, and more than 30 companies”.
The companies took immediate action by creating “600 on-the-spot job offers” which will be extending the scope to 100,000 job opportunities “over the next three years”. The “launch event” took place at McCormick Place, wherein the Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel too joined the coalition leaders and addressed the crowd by saying:
“We’re at the helm of a truly historic cross-sector effort to create real, tangible economic opportunities for the young men and women of our nation – beginning right here in Chicago. I am incredibly proud of the work our great city has done to kick start this much needed nationwide hiring initiative and know that our collective efforts will echo for years to come. Each of the 4,000 who joined us are proof that with the right tools and resources, this next generation of Chicagoans can make a measurable impact in our community and strengthen our City’s economy.”
Managers of “more than 30 companies” were hired to hold meeting with the candidates who received mentoring, “feedback on their resumes”, a pre-interview session and along with other useful tips. Moreover, various “professional development” workshops were organised for the youths along with “inspirational speakers” who lectured to the youth in between their interview sessions. The president of the “Cook County Board” is of the opinion that:
“Employed teens face a better fate in life. They are more likely to enroll and graduate from college and their earning potential greatly exceeds those who did not work as teens. We are very grateful to the business community and appreciate this important step by corporate America. This is a great beginning and we are proud to be a part of it.”
The list of executives who joined in the event is quite a long one too. They showed their support and encouraged the youth by talking about their own experiences. The C.E.O of JCPenney, Marvin Ellison shared his story:
“My very first job was in retail and it played such a pivotal role in shaping my future. We hope to provide an opportunity for these young people to do something great with their lives and will remain dedicated to this important effort, to these youth, so long as the need exists.”
While the Starbock C.E.O Howard Schultz’s words:
“This serves as a powerful reminder that a great first job can open up a world of opportunities for a young person. With nearly six million young Americans completely disconnected from the economy, we desperately need the leadership, creativity and courage of the private sector, working with civic, elected and community leaders, to create meaningful lifelong opportunities for all. I truly believe that these young men and women are not the biggest challenge facing our economy – they are our greatest opportunity.”