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1% For The Planet Ensures Impactful Environmental Giving


While making charitable donations, it is important to identify the right place which can create the maximum impact.

Dailycsr.com – 14 August 2018 – Sea Change Radio informs that when one reads about things like giant plastic islands in our oceans made out of garbage or sees photos in time-lapse which captures the diminishing ice covers of the arctic sea for that matter, one may feel the rising sense of helplessness in the throat and maybe some of us at that time reach into our wallets with the intentions of donating funds to organisations that are actually making a difference in the ground level to address these issues.
However, the question remains that to whom should one donate for creating the greatest impact. Throwing, some light on this issue, the Sea Change Radio’s guest, Kate Williams, was present in the first week of August 2018.
Kate Williams is the chief executive officer of “1% For The Planet”, the latter is a non-profit organisation that provides services as a kind of facilitator towards “environmental giving”. The organisation conducts ground researches to make it simpler for an individual as well as an organisation to show their support towards the “right environmental organizations”. Williams talked about the company’s model and gave an insight into its “philanthropic space as a whole”.
Furthermore, the discussion also covered the topic as to “why only 3% of charitable donations in this country go to the environmental sector”.